It all started in may 1998 with the single goal of being an active part of the hardcore scene. Inspired by the likes of Outburst, Cro-Mags and Breakdown, they recorded the „Commitment“ demo in 1998. It took the scene by assault and established the band in the german hardcore scene from day one. Shows were played with the biggest and best names in the hc-scene such as Cro-Mags, Murphys Law, Madball and Slapshot. The year 2001 saw the release of the split – together with their brothers in Disrespect from Berlin on Crap Chord records. Later it has been followed by a split picture – with Settle The Score on Filled With Hate records. Their debut full length CD/10 on Mad Mob records entitled „Amistad“ has earned them slots on shows, festivals and tours with acts like Integrity, Black Friday 29, Disrespect, Beat Down and Hatebreed. Skarhead has been supported by these 5 dedicated dudes throughout their European Tour in june-july 2002. Now, Sidekick is ready to move to the next level and hit the studio again to record the „words and action“ 7inch. They’ll smack you with a mixture of mosh, heavy breakdowns and old school dancing parts. The lyrics are coming from the depth of the heart and deal with themes like friendship , backstabbing fools and just being true to yourself and people backing you up!!

Jogges – vocals
Timo – bass
Pädde – guitars
Heiko – guitars
Fabi – drums