IA started in the summer of 2002. We didn't do anything cuz some of the guys I was working with were fucking idiots. So we didn't really do anything till december 02 when Shaun, Jose, and myself got together to record the demo. I started IA so I could be in a band that everything went my way. I write 95% fo the music and all of the lyrics. The name was spawned from my "internal affairs", my issues with hardcore, straight edge, and just shitty fucking people. Before the demo was actually released we got Jon Westbrook, you know him from No Reply/Lifes Halt/Knife Fight, to play guitar. So we were stoked to have a soild line up. We started playing shows and Jose started having problems at home so he did the responsible thing and left so he could take care of his family. Thats when Dennis joined the band. We are currently trying to tour and support our new EP on Malfunction Records. We don't try to make to many plans, we like to play it by ear that way we don't get stuck with too many obligations. We do have a song coming out on a comp. that Patrick Kitzel from True Blue is putting out, it will have Terror, Death Threat, the Promise, Piece by Piece and many more bands. We are also currently writing for a split with Allegiance from San Fransico. The label info for that is currently undecided, we have a few ideas of who we want but it will not be disclosed until it is confirmed. For any one who has not heard us, we are in your face, fast, pissed, angry hardcore. We are influenced by everything past and present, everything from Negative Approach, Infest, YOT, and Madball to OLC and Floorpunch. You can't forget who paved the way for bands like us but you can't deny current bands working hard and keeping the love for hardcore alive. The band that plays shows is more important than the band you can only enjoy in your bedroom. -Corey


Band: internalxaffairs@yahoo.com

Corey: upandcomingdude@yahoo.com

1418 Ramona Dr, Newbury Park, CA 91320 USA